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Fresh Produced Bottles with CBD Oil

We asked ourselves what qualities customers might want in an extract, and tasting good was a key factor. So too was effectiveness, customers prefer a full spectrum hemp extract. Safety and transparency about where we produce and how we source our hemp is of central importance also. We aimed to unite all these factors in our own extract, and we believe we have succeeded.

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about our product

three important criteria

How does our product differ from others?

great Taste

Our extract has a uniquely mild taste. During our unique one-step extraction process, undesired substances, such as chlorophyll (which has a bitter taste) are not extracted – which is the reason for the mild flavour of our product. As a result, our oil is uniquely great tasting and has a beautiful golden colour (with MCT carrier oil), which has proven very popular with customers. 
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Full Spectrum

Our promise? Providing full spectrum hemp extract oil. That means that the relation of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in our oil reflects that of the hemp plant as accurately as possible. Rather than just providing one cannabinoid, that is CBD, as isolates do, our oil provides a broad varitety of compounds that can interact with each other. The interaction of compounds and a plant-like balance of them appears to be of great importance because that way the endocannabinoid system of the body seems to interact with the cannabinoids best (known as the entourage effect).

locally produced

We produce our extract at our site in Berlin-Adlershof. The selection of our location was a conscious one: Berlin is a city where we can work closely and openly with government authorities, where legislation is passed, and a place with great potential for innovation. Our biomass is provided by our European organic hemp farmers. We accompany each delivery with batch codes that can be linked back to back to the field, and analysis certificates of our raw material and the final product - that is what we call transparency.

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product overview

full spectrum 2% Hemp extract oil

Our product range
Our hemp extract is available in two different flavours that are determined by the carrier oil: Our standard range consists of either MCT oil or hemp seed oil, which are mixed with the hemp extract respectively. We are happy to individualise your product in terms of the carrier oil upon request for large orders. We can also personalise the extract content according to your wishes. 

Available sizes
Our 2% hemp extract oil is available in 1l, 10l and 300l containers for wholesalers. We are currently working on providing 10ml and 30ml white label pipette bottles for retailers.

CBD bottle 1 literCBD jerrycan 10 literCBD IFS container 300 LCBD Bottle 10 ml or 30 ml in MCT oilCBD Bottle 10 ml or 30 ml in hemp seed oil

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