How OUR CBD OIL is made


Sourcing hemp

Preparation of biomass for CBD extraction

The hemp that we use for our extracts comes exclusively from European farmers. All raw material is tested to ensure that only the best material is used to create our high quality hemp extract.

Quality check:
We test the raw material to avoid pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals, and microorganisms in our product. 



Inspection of CBD extract

We produce all our extracts in-house, with every stage under our supervision and control. With our unique patented method, we extract the full spectrum of desired compounds, in just one step. The raw extract is highly concentrated, and is ready for the next stage, dilution. 

Quality check: During our second quality check we test the CBD and THC content of our undiluted product for the next step: mixing and homogenization.



Mixing and Homogenization of CBD extract in MCT oil

In the final stage of the process, we dilute our highly concentrated extract with a carrier oil. Our two classic varieties of carrier oil are MCT oil and organic hemp seed oil (although for larger orders we can mix into a carrier medium of your choice).  

Quality check: The third quality check is carried out to ensure that our final product contains the indicated CBD and THC content and is approved for packaging.

Why becanex?

We made it our mission to produce unique hemp extracts that are safe, effective, and taste great. And we succeeded. What makes us so sure?
Firstly, we can proudly say that we produce our extracts ourselves, and closely monitor and regulate every step of the process, from the field to the final product.
Secondly, our patented extraction technology allows us to extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids in our oil.
Thirdly, our expertise enables us to filter out all undesired components, which results in a product that is mild in taste.   

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As of January 2019, cannabidiol (CBD), and all other cannabinoids, are classified as Novel Food according to the Novel Food Regulation. Products containing CBD are said to have no demonstrated history of consumption in the EU.